Dexaco home inspections, Inc. offers many potential benefits to Orlando realtors and real estate professionals.
Orlando Realtor Benefits

An Orlando Home Inspection by Dexaco home inspections, Inc. offers many potential benefits to realtors and real estate professionals. Among these are:

Less buyer discomfort -- Whether your client's home is old or new, the Dexaco Home inspections, Inc. Inspectors help provide them with the peace of mind they deserve.

Orlando Real Estate Inspection BenefitsCurtailed buyer remorse -- Many homebuyers believe that a brand new home is a worry-free home. But even the best homebuilders make mistakes, and that's where Dexaco Home Inspections, Inc. can help. Our impartial inspectors can disclose items in need of repair or reinstallation to reduce buyer remorse over their new home. At Dexaco Home Inspections, Inc. we have a total commitment to customer satisfaction.

Professional image and credibility -- A professional home inspection report helps lend credibility and stature to the image of the real estate professional. It says the firm and its sales associates are genuinely concerned with the best interests of both the buyer and seller, thereby reflecting on the Realtor's integrity.

Less litigation -- Homebuyers are potentially less likely to file suits alleging misrepresentation, negligence and fraud when the sale is preceded by a home inspection. Also, agents who use Dexaco Home Inspection, Inc. may be provided with coverage against claims of negligent referral at no cost. Realtors, closing attorneys and mortgage bankers must register with Dexaco Home Inspection in order to qualify for coverage. See additional insurance certificate for details on coverage.

More sales -- Buyers may be positively influenced by a professional home inspection report, improving the speed, price, and likelihood of a sale.

Less negotiating -- Prior acknowledgment of any defects reflected in sales price may leave buyers with fewer objections.

Reduced listing time -- By providing insight into the condition of the home, Dexaco Home Inspections, Inc. helps you reduce the overall listing time of your client's home.

The home inspection benefits all parties involved in the real estate transaction. For further information or to arrange a home inspection with a qualified home inspection company, consult your local Dexaco Home Inspection. professional.

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