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Even though it’s been around for thousand’s of years, mold is a relatively new issue of concern in residential housing. Mold contamination has led to numerous lawsuits across the country, and its attention has catapulted to the top of popular media such as Dateline NBC, Newsweek, Time magazine and The Wall Street Journal. It has even been referred to as “the asbestos of the new millennium,” inferring that mold is an issue of paramount concern among the real estate community. Moisture from roof leaks, hidden plumbing leaks and basement water penetrations are the most obvious potential contributors to an interior mold problem.

Because the issue of mold has entered the mainstream so quickly, science has yet to catch up. Guidelines for mold measurement and exposure have not yet been established, but one thing is clear. As the financial toll of mold continues to increase dramatically, measures need to be implemented in order to minimize your financial risk and liability exposure.

Defining Mold

The presence of mold, water damage, or musty odors should be addressed immediately. In all instances, any source(s) of water must be stopped and the extent of water damage determined. Water damaged materials should be dried and repaired. Sampling is then recommended to determine the type and extent of the existing mold. Mold is a structural, health and environmental problem. Some mold defects can't be seen and will only be detected through sampling. (more Defining Mold)

What Is Mold?

Molds are simple, microscopic organisms whose purpose in the ecosystem is to break down organic materials. They can be found wherever there are organic materials and moisture, which are the necessary ingredients for mold growth. Molds are found both indoors and outdoors, and in any area of the country. Some are visible, some are not.
(more What is Mold)

Health Effects of Mold Exposure

The health effects from mold exposure may be: Respiratory failure/asthma, Flu symptoms/headaches, Nose bleeds/bleeding lungs, Neurological disorders, Memory loss, Dizziness, Learning disabilities, and Death. (more Health Effects of Mold Exposure)

Types of Mold

There are approximately 100,000 genera of mold species known today, with approximately 80 genera suspected of causing some form of illness. Only a fraction of the 80 genera are considered toxic. Molds are organized into three groups according to human responses: Allergenic, Pathogenic and Toxigenic. (more Types Mold)

Conducive Conditions For Mold Growth

There are many conditions for mold Growth. Moisture, Food Source, Raw Materials, Minimal Air Circulation, and HVAC Systems (more Conductive Conditions for Mold Growth)

Mold Exposure Standards

No scientific exposure standards currently exist for mold. Some believe that the development of exposure standards could be years away. According to the EPA’s report on Indoor Air Quality, the EPA has not established uniform air quality standards covering airborne biological substances such as fungal spores. This is due to a lack of convincing epidemiological evidence. (more Mold Exposure Standards)

Mold Screening

Although there are no defined standards or exposure limits, it is possible to identify houses with mold contamination by comparing the indoor and outdoor levels of mold spores using the air sampling method. A review of the recommendations by the nation’s leading testing laboratories shows air sampling to be the method of choice for residential mold screening. (more Mold Screening)

Mold In The Media - Hype vs. Reality

Even though molds have been in existence for thousands of years, only recently have they been in the spotlight. This is largely attributable to the media, which has generated a significant amount of hype among homeowners and the real estate community. (more Mold In The Media - Hype vs. Reality)

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