Conductive Conditions for mold: Moisture, Food Source, Raw Materials, Minimal Air Circulation, HVAC Systems

Mold Inspection Information: Conducive Conditions For Mold Growth

Conducive Conditions For Mold Growth are:

  • Moisture. When looking for the source of a mold growth, look for moisture. Spores can survive in as little as 65% humidity.

  • Food Source. Food sources for mold are the organic materials in a structure, such as wood, drywall, insulation, and natural fibers, which may have been exposed to moisture.

  • Raw Materials. Even before a new home is built, it’s raw materials can collect moisture and mold. Especially if it is exposed to the weather.

  • Minimal Air Circulation. An example of minimal air circulation is two pieces of wood coming together, such as where a floor joist meets a band joist.

  • HVAC Systems. HVAC systems and ductwork often contains porous materials, moisture, and dirt.

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