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Professional Home Inspection by DEXACO Home Inspections, Orlando, Florida

Why Should You Get a Home Inspection?

Home Inspetions by DEXACO Home Inspetions, Inc.Inspections are becoming standard practice all across the country. Today, buyers understand the tremendous value in having the home inspected by an objective professional inspector.

The professional home inspector will give you a detailed home inspection report on the current condition of all the major systems and components of the home as well as maintenance recommendations.

But... are all home inspections the same? Unfortunately not! This is why the professionals at Dexaco Home Inspections offer the following advantages for you to consider before you make your selection.

Keeping Things In Perspective

All homes have problems. The only question is, how serious are these problems? Your professional home inspectors know the difference between serious and "not so serious" problems and will be able to communicate that difference to you. This style of reporting helps you in the negotiating process and in your future maintenance plans.

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The Report You'll Receive

We Inspect Both Inside and OutsideThe report you'll receive is the industry leader! It combines the best of the narrative and checklist styles to clearly communicate our findings. We prioritize our findings based on their importance and overall costs to repair or replace and offer summary statements on each section of the home. To accommodate your time concerns, we furnish a complete computer generated report on-site the same day.

The Areas We Inspect

A professional home inspection will identify the problems, offer solutions, and give cost estimates for repair and replacements to your home. It is a visual examination and analysis of the physical structure and mechanical components. All of our home inspection services are conducted according to the stringent Standards of Practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors.

Our Inspection Fees

A professional home inspection will generally cost between $180 - $700. The home inspection price will vary based on the size of the home, age, location and any specialized inspection service povided (ie; Pools, Mold, Termites by A1, Septic, Radon gas, etc). Because the home purchase is such an important investment, saving a little on the inspection is generally not a wise move. Most professionals would recommend you hire at least a competitively priced inspector to perform the inspection.

Call Us to Schedule Your Home Inspection Today!Scheduling Your Inspection

Because timeliness is important, we can usually schedule your inspection within a few days from your call. We also perform inspections seven days a week from sunrise to sunset.

Follow-Up Support

When you hire our firm, we become your home consultant for as long as you live in the home. We are available for free phone consultations on any question relating to the inspection or the home. No time limits. No cost. No obligation.

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